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Blended Online First Aid Training For Work From Home

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Blended Online First Aid Training: More than a year after the coronavirus (COVID-19 pandemic), working from home is still common for some workers. There are advantages and some real challenges to working from home that you may personally both love and hate. One area that you should look into is health and safety.

First Aid Online – Helping In More Ways

The safety of the employees, customers, and communities is at the forefront of every business decision. Due to the current health conditions in Australia and worldwide, medical attention may be delayed or perhaps unsupported in certain areas. For that reason, it is more important to be trained and ready should an emergency arise.

While onsite CPR and face-to-face training are being postponed, there are available alternatives to first aid learning. Blended online first aid training are great alternatives to keep your team trained and ready to respond even while working from home.

If you or anyone from your team is working from home, here’s why you should consider Blended Online First aid training.

  • Learn life-saving Skills At A Convenient Time

You can learn the latest skills and techniques in First Aid and administering care in a way that would not disrupt your routine. You can take the theoretical part of the training at the convenient time and date that works for you. Pick the best time to do it with your workmates, or you can choose to do it alone.

  • Interactive Materials

The online course will provide you with all the first aid information you need in the form of high-quality videos alongside written guidance. You will be able to recognise emergency situations, treat injuries, and take appropriate action at the time of the incident.

  • Designed For Everyone

Blended online first aid course is designed for parents, teachers, teenagers, coaches, work managers, and more. These are easy-to-learn skills that will help you provide care until medical professionals are ready to take over.

  • Part Now, Part later

The best part of our blended online course is you do the part now, part later learning. You can complete the learning and theory assessments online. While the practical assessments and evaluation can be taken at the nearest training venue at a reduced time.

Purely Online courses do not include the opportunity for you to demonstrate first aid skills proficiency to a certified instructor. Therefore, you may not be able to meet the requirements for workplace safety certification. For this reason, our Blended Online First Aid course will require you to attend an assessment with our instructors. You will need to attend a reduced practical assessment in one of our training venues.

Practical assessments and evaluations are conducted during classroom delivery, and a statement of attainment will be given successful completion. The First Aid Certificate is valid for 3 years from the day given.

More employees are working from home ever than before. Our team is mindful that about 75% of out-of-hospital cardiac arrests are in private residences. With more people spending time at home, so is the need for a much more effective First Aid training solution. Our team at FirstAidPro addresses this need without compromising on the quality outcomes through our own Blended Online First Aid course.

First Aid Online

With the rise of online training, it does not mean that technology will distance you from learning practical skills, such as First Aid. Technology advancement can actually act as an enabler. It makes it easier for us to access potentially life-saving knowledge and techniques through the screens of our mobile devices.

Learn essential first Aid and CPR skills with our selection of courses. Each course is designed to meet your needs, including those who are working from home. Courses are delivered in easy-to-follow steps, using practical hands-on components and a variety of training materials.

If you are ready to get started, find a course near you, or you can check it here. It only takes a few minutes to enrol and a few hours to complete to earn the first aid certificate you want.

Talk to one of our staff at the First Aid Course Perth for more information.

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