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Mental Health First Aid Course

Mental Health First Aid Training From Just $189

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Complete both your knowledge and practical tasks in a two 6-hour sessions across 2 days. This is traditional training, perfect for those that prefer the hands-on approach of a face-to-face course.

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Mental health first aid is a comprehensive approach that involves identifying, understanding, and responding to signs of mental illnesses. By completing a mental health first aid training course, individuals acquire the necessary skills to offer assistance and support to someone experiencing a mental health crisis.

Mental health first aid is similar to physical first aid in that both aim to provide the necessary support until the person can receive professional help. If you are interested in supporting people with mental health challenges, obtaining an MHFA training certificate is an ideal option. It is widely recognized and can greatly benefit those pursuing careers in counseling, social work, and support roles.

Moreover, becoming an accredited mental health officer in the workplace is an excellent opportunity for individuals who are not in these professions but want to support people with mental health challenges.

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Course Delivery

Our mental health first aid course is delivered across a total of 12 hours. This course is conducted over 2 days with a 6 hour training session on each day.

Enrolment & Eligibility

There are almost no requirements to attend one of our mental health training courses. The only eligibility factors students need to meet are to be at least 18 years old and to have basic competencies in written and verbal English in order to understand the course's training materials.

What do you learn in a Mental Health First Aid Course?

Students who enter our Mental Health First Aid Course will be equipped with lifesaving skills that help identify and manage mental health in a number of settings.

Skills Learned

Issues Covered

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MHFA First Aid Certificate Holders

At First Aid Pro we work hard to ensure all our students receive high quality, quick and seamless CPR and first aid training with first-class customer service. We are always listening to our students and looking for ways we can improve their overall learning experience. We surveyed over 16,000 First Aid Pro students last year and our overall student satisfaction rate was 98.5%. See what some of our students had to say below:

Mental Health First Aid Certificates

Mental health first aid (MHFA) refers to the full range of support one can provide to someone who is affected by a mental health crisis.

When you successfully complete a mental health first aid training course, you receive a certification signifying your newfound ability in recognising when a mental health problem is occurring and your knowledge in how to intervene.

Often, the term first aid brings to mind an image of treating physical injuries. Mental health first aid is a very different course of action, and yet it remains similar in that it also relates to providing support to a person in distress until they can receive help from a professional.

Our accredited Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) certification isn’t just useful on the Perth; it’s recognised all across Australia. This makes it the perfect qualification for those already working as, or looking to begin careers as, counsellors, social workers, or support workers. However, a mental health qualification is valuable to anyone. All workplaces stand to benefit from having a mental health officer

Once they’ve successfully completed our course, students are awarded with a Mental Health First Aid Certificate. They will also receive a copy of Mental Health First Aid Australia’s instruction guide to take home.

Other Information

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We’ve based our curriculum around content and research provided by Mental Health First Aid Australia. By basing our course off this material, it covers all aspects of mental health aid. Course content includes the ability to identify a mental health crisis, plan and take action to assist the affected person, provide them with emotional support, and how to find and provide them with the best and most relevant information to help them find professional help.

In our course, you’ll specifically learn:

  • The basics of common mental illnesses
  • The signs, symptoms and risk factors associated with mental illness
  • How to create and implement a Mental Health First Aid action plan
  • How to identify and assess a mental health crisis and when to intervene
  • How to effectively communicate to someone experiencing a mental health crisis and emotionally support them until the crisis resolves
  • Treatments available for different mental health conditions, and how to source and deliver relevant information on appropriate professional help to someone in need

A Mental Health First Aid qualification doesn’t lead directly to specific careers. This qualification is applicable to any workplace and is perhaps best used to support an existing career. However, having this qualification might make you more appealing for roles where dealing with people, especially vulnerable individuals, is a key part of the job. A few careers to which such a qualification is most beneficial include:

  • Mental Health Counselor
  • Social Worker
  • School Counselor/Teacher
  • Human Resources Professional
  • Emergency Service Personnel
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Support Worker
  • Community Outreach Worker

Yes. New discoveries and breakthroughs in how to apply mental health treatments and first aid are emerging all the time. Therefore, a mental health first aid certificate effectively expires after a three year period. If your job or career depends on holding a mental health first aid certificate, or you are your workplace’s mental health first aid officer or mental health first aider, taking refresher training is essential.

A USI (unique student identifier) number is a mandatory requirement for any student wishing to undertake vocational training in Australia. Your USI number is unique to you and provided to you by the government to keep a secure online register of your VET certifications. You can quickly and easily look up your registered number or apply for your USI number by clicking the link below
Apply or Register for USI

After the USI is obtained and online booking is completed; Students will receive their course confirmation email through Vasto, the FirstAidPro Student Portal. Allowing FirstAidPro students to complete their own enrollment, student profile, and account details.

All documentation including pre-course reading and paper-based workbooks is stored using Vasto. Making these resources accessible at any time, as needed. The Vasto student platform is where your certificates can be located, after your successful completion of the MHFA – Mental Health First Aid course.

No. While twelve hours of training might seem like a lot of time to some people but this does not translate to difficulty. Our mental health first aid training courses are designed to be both thorough and easy to comprehend.

However, while the course itself is not generally considered to be difficult, performing the task of administering mental health first aid can be challenging to some. A mental health crisis can be an extremely confronting thing to witness. However, it is easier to recognise a mental health crisis and know how to respond than it is to see one and to feel helpless and not know what to do.

We’re proud to offer other courses which work well when combined together with a MHFA training course. The first, and perhaps the most obvious, is a Youth Mental Health First Aid course. This training overlaps with a Standard Mental Health First Aid course in some ways, but deals with mental health challenges specifically or more commonly experienced by teenagers. For someone working with young people, such as a teacher or counsellor, holding both qualifications can be extremely beneficial. We offer plenty of other training options which extend to include first aid, mental health, CPR, and many more.

Due to the emotionally challenging and often intense nature of how disabling mental health problems can affect people, other general first aid qualifications are also useful. Among these are a basic first aid course, or a CPR course. Other first aid course options include advanced first aid and first aid for remote or isolated settings.

All our First Aid Courses are delivered according to the Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC) guidelines and in accordance with Safe Work Australia recommendations.

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