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Four Workplace Safety Tips That Can Affect Your Business

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Workplace safety and wellness of the employees are important considerations for all types of businesses. Whether you are a big corporation or a small business, an unsafe work environment can cause real problems. These include missed deadlines, loss of work hours, and an increase in worker’s compensation costs, which can negatively impact both profitability and productivity. The workplace safety tips we will tackle later in this blog will protect you and your employees from injuries and illnesses and help your business flourish.


Facts on Workplace Injuries

It is easy to turn a blind eye when it comes to safety, especially in fast-paced work environments. However, our everyday tasks and actions can have a significant impact on business continuity.

According to the latest data from International Labour Organisation (ILO), about 2.3 million people succumb to work-related accidents or illnesses every year. These can cost millions in lost production time, medical expenses, and worker’s compensation.

Whether you work in the field or an office setting, following these four workplace safety tips can help you create a safe work environment. It can also help you avoid costly business operations.


  1. Start from the top

The key to developing a healthy safety culture in the workplace is to start within yourself. Upper management and superiors should always adhere to health and safety protocols, and soon you’ll see how the whole organisation will follow.

Remember that strong safety always starts from the top. Ensure that the company leaders are all working and acting safely before enforcing it with the rest of the business.

  • Establish safety procedures

Make sure to have safety guidelines in place when it comes to operating machinery and equipment. Ensure that the guidelines are clear, accessible, and well-understood by your employees. Lack of procedure can result in misuse of equipment which can lead to injuries. This is why all equipment should only use as intended and carefully follow instructions. Always use the right type and size of the equipment and do not substitute as much as possible.

Many professions involve the use of forklifts and heavy machines. All these require specific training and legal certificate to operate. Impose restrictions on the use of this equipment only to those who are qualified. Create a daily safety checklist and schedule routine for maintenance to keep all equipment and machinery in good working condition.

  • Encourage open communication

Think of a way to encourage open communication in your workplace. Be it a suggestion box, online surveys, conducting pre-shift huddles, or whatever works for your team. Use these ways as a communication starter to safety culture topics, near-injury misses, specific incidences, proper manual handling, and newly identified hazards. Talk about everything safety that all workers should know, implement, and adhere to.

  • Perform ongoing safety training

Safety in the workplace needs to be constantly encouraged. One way to uphold workplace safety is to provide regular safety training to workers, such as First Aid Training.

Having a strong understanding of work best practices helps you to recognise potential hazards before they occur. First aid training ensures that there will be fewer to no injuries and reduce costly losses due to productivity and morale.


Create a Workplace Safety Culture

Implementing these four workplace safety tips will create a more engaged workforce. A more engaged workforce can have a significant positive impact on your business. Having these four in place will improve safety measures, reduce injuries, improve productivity and employee morale. Your business will also benefit from stronger employer branding and have a positive outside perspective of the organisation.

Unfortunately, accidents happen no matter how we try to avoid them. If you have employees, enrol them in a First Aid course to learn how to react in a workplace emergency.

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