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Nationally Accredited First Aid Courses

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Accredited Training?

Accredited training is training that has been certified by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) as meeting all national quality assurance requirements in regards to industry expectations and needs. 

Accredited training can only be delivered by Registered Training Organisations and is an assurance that the formal qualification you receive upon completion of your training is of the highest quality and uniformly recognised right across Australia.  

Is First Aid Pro a Registered Training Organisation?

Yes. First Aid Pro is also 100% Australian owned and has been registered for almost a decade and in this time has delivered quality first aid training to thousands of participants Australia-wide. Our RTO number is 40407.

Can I enrol with First Aid Pro if I am in Australia on a Student 500 Visa?

Student 500 Visa holders can only study with special CRICOS Registered Training Organisations who specialise in teaching international students. First Aid Pro is not a CRICOS Registered Training Organisation and cannot accept your enrolment. 

Are there any prerequisites for any of your first aid courses?

There are no prerequisites for any of our first aid courses. As long as you meet First Aid Pro’s basic entry level requirements and complete your pre-course learning requirements you are able to attend a Practical Session.

What are your basic course entry level requirements? 

Our basic course entry level requirements vet participants to ensure they have the necessary language, literacy and skills, and physical capabilities to be able to complete the course. The specific requirements vary slightly from course to course and can be found on each individual course page.

What happens if I don’t meet the basic course entry requirements?

If you don’t meet the basic course entry requirements First Aid Pro will review your personal situation to see if they can apply a reasonable adjustment so you are still able to complete your course. 

If it is deemed First Aid Pro cannot, for whatever reason, make a  suitable reasonable adjustment to accommodate you will be unable to proceed with your course. 

What is a reasonable adjustment and how do I apply for one?

 A reasonable adjustment is any change made to the course delivery or assessment to assist any participant identified as needing additional support. Reasonable adjustments are highly personal and will require close negotiation between First Aid Pro and the participant in question but can include things such as note-taking support, assistive technology, Auslan interpreters, braille course notes etc. 

If you feel you have any special needs that may require a reasonable adjustment you should email or  contact us prior to course commencement.

What are pre-course learning requirements? 

Pre-course learning requirements are mandatory tasks and assessments that must be completed by all participants prior to attending their practical session. They are to ensure you have the best chance of understanding the content covered in your practical session. 

Specific pre-course learning requirements vary from course to course and can be found on each individual course page and you will be informed of your requirements again after enrolment but they can include things such as short readings, videos, slideshows, quizzes, questionnaires and forms.

If you attend a practical session without having completed your pre-course learning requirements you will be excluded from your session and may have to rebook at your own expense. 

What is a practical session?

A practical session is a face-to-face session completed in a classroom with a certified first aid trainer. The duration of the practical session varies from course to course but is never more than a full day.

The practical session is where you practice and are assessed on your first aid skills in a variety of scenarios in a controlled and safe environment using the very latest and industry standard first aid materials and resources. 

All first aid courses, regardless of whether they are booked as blended or face-to-face will have a practical session in a classroom.

What is the difference between blended and face-to-face training?    

The majority of First Aid Pro courses can be booked as blended or face-to-face courses. There is no difference in the content covered, the assessments you must complete or the accreditation you receive at the end; the only difference is in the delivery.

Blended – Participants complete their course readings and knowledge assessment online PRIOR to attending their practical session. The practical session is shorter than that of face-to-face students as it does not include course readings or a knowledge assessment.

Face-to-face – Participants complete the full course (excluding pre-course learning requirements) during their practical session. The practical session is longer than that of the blended students as it includes course readings and a knowledge assessment. 

What should I bring to the practical session?

Participants should bring:

  • ALL completed pre-learning requirements 
  • Photo ID 
  • Pens / pencils
  • Notebook / notepad 

As it is a practical session it is also recommended you wear comfortable clothing, covered footwear and bring water. 

Can I reschedule a practical session?

As long as you contact First Aid Pro no later than 48 hours before your scheduled classroom session you can reschedule your practical session free of charge.

What if I miss my practical session?

If you miss your practical session or are later than 15 minutes after the scheduled start time or resumption time after any breaks you will be withdrawn from the class and will have to rebook at your own expense.

Do you do on-site company training?

Yes. First Aid Pro specialises in on-site company training. To book an on-site session or for more details see our Corporate Enquiries page.   

Why do some courses cover more than one unit of competency?

Most first aid units are structured to cover identical base content before branching off and covering different specialist topics or contexts such as childcare, remote environments etc. Because of this, during the process of completing one larger specialist unit, you may also meet all the requirements of one or more smaller base units. Wherever this is the case participants will be awarded a Nationally Recognised Statement of Attainment listing multiple units of competency. 

Specific details of courses which cover multiple units of competency can be found on each individual course page.

What is a Statement of Attainment?

A Statement of Attainment is a formal record of the successful completion of one or more unit of competency. A Statement of Attainment issued by a Registered Training Organisation serves as proof of your valid and current CPR or First Aid accreditation. Your Statement of Attainment will also specify when you should renew your accreditation.

When should I renew my CPR or First Aid accreditation?

In keeping with Australian Resuscitation (ARC) Guidelines, First Aid Pro recommends updating your CPR accreditation every 12 months and your First Aid accreditation every 3 years.

Do I need to do a special course to renew my CPR of First Aid accreditation?

No. As first aid guidelines and techniques are constantly evolving to ensure your knowledge and skills remain current you will need to again complete the full course to become reaccredited.  

How long does it take to get a Statement of Attainment after finishing a course?

Assuming you have submitted all required course work and material, your Statement of Attainment will be made available to you on the same day or within 24 hours of completing your course.


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